Questions From Listeners: Volume 1

Written by on January 16, 2017

Question: Why am I having trouble getting a reading?
We are blessed with a system that allows us to broadcast live video to hundreds of places at once and, at the same time, broadcast on the A1R Psychic Radio Network.  Not to mention prime podcast feeds in iHeartRadio, Spotify, iTunes, TuneIn, Stitcher and many more places.  Needless to say,it get’s busy.  Try earlier.


Question:  I just heard the host say it was Thursday on a Wednesday on the live feed.  Are you guys really live?
This can happen for two reasons.  First, if you are in the Americas and you are watching a host that is in Australia, you may actually be in two different days due to time changes.  As such, a host may refer to their show being on Thursday when it is scheduled for Wednesday.  Secondly, if a host cannot make a live broadcast, we may be tasked with broadcasting a archive show in their live position.  If this happens, we will strive to post a “countdown to live” timer intermittently during the recorded shows.


Question: I missed a callback from you guys.  How do I get back on the list?
That’s not easy.  Our system automatically bans attempted calls that don’t connect.  As you might expect, lots of people want free psychic readings on our network.  Unfortunately, we cannot waste time with callers who do not answer the phone when it’s their turn.  It’s not fair to other listeners on the callback list.  If you have an extreme situation that justifies why you were not available, contact us via the contact form.


Question:  When do you guys broadcast?
Tuesday starting at 2pm and Wednesday & Thursday starting at 8pm.  All times are US eastern (Washington, DC) and all live broadcasts are for four hours.


Question:  If I don’t get into a show during a broadcast, am I already on the list for the next day’s show?
No.  All names & phone numbers are disposed of daily.  For over ten years, we have protected our listeners’ & callers’ privacy.  You will have to try again on another night.


Question:  Why did I hear the same caller on two different shows?
Aside from the obvious answer, A1R Psychic radio has loyal and returning fans, a secondary secret to their success is that they get on the caller list as early as possible.  Waiting until two hours into the broadcast is always a risk.  Remember, we can only put one caller into the broadcast at a time.  Unfortunately, that means we have limited space.

Question: I really need a reading.  Can I pay for one?
No, sorry.  A1R Psychic Radio readings are done in the order in which they are received.  “Diving order,” if you will.  Only the Universe can fairly sort them.  No one cuts line.

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