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2007 Was a Big Year


– Apple Inc.’s CEO and founder, Steve Jobs, announces the first generation iPhone.

– Comet C/2006 P1 (McNaught), the brightest comet in more than 40 years, makes perihelion. (closest point nearest the Sun)

– The International Polar Year, a $1.73 billion research program to study both the North Pole and South Pole, is launched in Paris.

– The final book in J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, is released and sells over 11 million copies in the first 24 hours, becoming the fastest selling book in history.

– Mauritania was the last country to criminalize slavery in 2007 (officially “abolished” in 1981), making the practice illegal everywhere in the world.

– Gliese 581 c, a potentially Earth-like extrasolar planet habitable for life, is discovered in the constellation Libra.

– Quality Radio Partners, Inc. launches A1R Psychic Radio from a resort basement studio in Rutherfordton, North Carolina. It becomes an immediate international hit and quickly rises to the level of world’s top psychic radio station.

It wasn’t long before A1R Psychic Radio upgraded to a pristine, fully-digital studio complex and taffed out the important roles for the network. But that was just the beginning.

Quality Radio Partners went on to do the impossible. In July of 2014, the group launched a brand new FCC licensed FM radio station in nearby Greenville, South Carolina. Hit Radio , music based WBWT 101.5 FM radio was born.

How do we do it?

Simple.  A1R producers have over half a century of professional & very successful radio broadcast experience.  We have the call letters of some of America’s most iconic radio stations on our resumes.  Plus, and more importantly, we operate from the light with love and an open, honest heart for each client.  This helps us create shows that inherently give birth to their own powerful, viral word of mouth.

A1R Psychic Radio is unlike most of the metaphysical “radio stations” on the web.  To be honest, many can be kind of shady.  Some are even run by people who have barely stepped foot inside a real radio station & have never worked at one.   We’ve even seen stations “associate themselves” with iconic events/establishments like The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame, big broadcast companies, famous psychics/celebrities they don’t work with and even the Oscars, all to mislead light-workers into believing they have credibility they don’t have.   We have even seen stations attempt to steal our identity.

A psychic who is looking for a radio home has to be extremely careful nowadays.


Join Us
We promote you… everywhere.  Our hosts have been featured on powerful broadcast stations in New York City, Toronto and more.   We’ve syndicated our network to real AM & FM broadcast stations; not to just places like four spots on iTunes Radio, NokiaTuneIn, RecivaRoku– you are really on the air with A1R.   Perhaps, when it comes to finding a secret light-workers promotions plan, we’re onto something.

The affiliates of A1R Psychic Radio has more than just web addresses… they have call letters.

Naturally, A1R Psychic Radio has joined the ranks of national experts in our field of psychics and psychic radio.  Major television networks (NBC/Universal, “Trisha Goddard,” Faulhaber Media & others) now call for both consultation and host recommendations.   A1R Psychic Radio has certainly arrived on a grand international scale; as have our radio hosts.   Hear it in our shows.  They just sound better.

Find out more about A1R Psychic Radio:  Email Connie Your Questions

Audience Facts:

Our FM radio station (WBWT-FM 101.5, Greenville, SC – “101-5 The Beat”) reaches an impressive 238,000 people.

A1R Psychic Radio reaches a rapidly growing audience of a million plus.

See for yourself:

WBWT-FM FCC Record & Broadcast License.
WNWT-FM, Greenville, SC Broadcast Coverage
A1R Psychic Radio Broadcast Coverage

A1R News Archive

  • April 24, 2013

    CIRR Gets ‘Psychic Talk’

    POSITIVE PEAK RADIO & TV’s A1R Psychic Talk Radio (Ask1Radio.com), a call-in interactive advice-based network, welcomes DUFFERIN COMMUNICATION’s Dance Hits-formatted CIRR (PROUD-FM 103.9)/TORONTO, ON to its growing list of stations. CIRR will … more »


  • March 1, 2013

    A1R Psychic Radio Comes To Toronto

    POSITIVE PEAK RADIO and TV’s A1R PSYCHIC RADIO is now on the air in TORONTO. Group Pres. DAVE SOLOMON tells ALL ACCESS that effective MARCH 4TH, “A1R will air every mid-day from 11a-1p and throughout the day in scattered dayparts on EVANOV RADIO … more »

  • October 26, 2012

    Our Psychics Know You’re Gonna Listen

    Check your local afternoon listings and set your DVR/TIVO now for the TRISHA GODDARD SHOW from NBC/UNIVERSAL TELEVISION this HALLOWEEN (10/31). POSITIVE PEAK RADIO’s DAVE SOLOMON tells ALL ACCESS he’s “exceedingly proud of the ‘Special Thanks To A1Rmore »

  • September 19, 2012

    A1R Psychic Radio Has A Free Offer

    POSITIVE PEAK RADIO & TV VP/Ops CONNIE HENLEY tells ALL ACCESS that the network’s A1R PSYCHIC RADIO (www.Ask1Radio.com) is offering it’s roster of over two dozen psychics and mediums to radio station morning shows, afternoon shows and talk shows. … more »

  • December 16, 2010

    Positive Peak Rolls Six More On Roku-TV

    POSITIVE PEAK RADIO & TV Pres. DAVE SOLOMON announces the inclusion of six new POSITIVE PEAK RADIO & TV channels to the ROKU-TV Player — “video radio stations” for Classic Rock THE ANIMAL, Soft AC ABIGAIL, Classic Hits SURFSIDE 1640 … more »

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    • Elise – Denver, Colorado
      My husband died a few months ago and my whole world changed. I spent every day missing him. Then a friend told me about A1R. I called and was able to make contact with him through an A1R psychic medium. Instantly, I knew it was Carl. Just as fast my heart was healed. I love this radio station!
    • Sara – Jacksonville, Florida
      When I called A1R, I was seeking a promotion at work. I was a florr salesperson in a big retail store for fifteen years and nothing I did could get me promoted. I was becoming rather worked up! The psychic at A1R told me that all I had to do was to perform a few simple tasks to ensure my promotion. She was the first to tell me about the law of attraction. Suddenly, just like in the movie "The Secret," my whole world improved. The promotion came quick. I owe it all
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