Curious about who you are astrologically? A good start is a birth report.  As there are so many interpretations as to each astrological position, we will just provide you the information and you can take it to your favorite astrologist for more info.  Hint:  The time you were born is helpful, you might want to […]

Are you ready to get everything you ever dreamed of?  For a limited time, enjoy the classic film, “The Secret.”

A listener was on the phone recently,  excited that they had finally been called for their free reading from one of our fantastic psychic radio show hosts.  We could hear the giddiness in her voice.  But it was more than giddiness.  It was borderline intrusive to the point where we second-guessed whether she could speak […]

Question: Why am I having trouble getting a reading? We are blessed with a system that allows us to broadcast live video to hundreds of places at once and, at the same time, broadcast on the A1R Psychic Radio Network.  Not to mention prime podcast feeds in iHeartRadio, Spotify, iTunes, TuneIn, Stitcher and many more […]

Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal. – from an Irish headstone Breathe.  You sweet, sad, innocent soul.  Deep breaths.  Your beautiful heart is being misled.  You, and every expert & religious leader, have ideas and theories.  But we think you are going through something that […]

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