Divination Definitions – M

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Margaritomancy: n Margarita is Latin for Pearl. Margaritomancy is Pearl Divination.  Pearls were either cast into a pot over a fire or pearls were prophetically observed in oyster shells.

Meditation: The practice of relaxing and focusing the mind and invoking the guidance of the Higher Power.

Medium: A psychic who connects with and acts as a communication conduit for spirits in the after life and/or guiding entities such as angels.

Metagnomy: Psychic ability whilst in a hypnotic trance. Edgar Cayce is perhaps the best example of this.

Meteoromancy: Although it is said to be a prophecy from the study of meteors, it was actually a Roman form of divination from thunder and lightning.

Metoposcopy: Predicting personality, character, and destiny, by reading patterns and lines on a subject’s forehead combined associations to astrology.

Metaphysics: Meaning “beyond physics.”  Psychic and paranormal phenomena is beyond psychics.

Mirror Gazing: Psychic perception from gazing or scrying in or through a reflective surface was known as Catoptromancy.  Nostradamus filled a dish with ink to form a mirror surface through which he would see his prophecies.

Moleosophy: Divination from bodily marks such as moles, birthmarks and skin blemishes.

Molybdomancy: Omens were sought by interpreting the noises and hisses of molten lead when dropped into a cauldron of water. Alternatively the shapes formed by the molten metal solidifying in the water were observed. Also the directions that spilled liquid metal would flow when poured onto a flat surface could be prophesized upon.

Morphing: Psychic Morphing is the ability to move from normal to paranormal dimensions and return at will.

Myomancy: Ancient form of divination by observing the behavior of rats and mice.

Mystic: An initiate of the secret teachings of the ancients. One who believes in the existence of paranormal or metaphysical reality.