Maybe you are blind right now.  Maybe, right now, in a far-away room in a far-away dimension, the real you has a blind fold on and can’t see how beautiful the surroundings are.  Every shiny thing you ever wanted.  Every sweet soul who valued you.  All of it in one room.  But you have a blindfold on.  You see nothing.  If you also had the ability to destroy everything in the room, it might be easy to think nothing much would be lost.

But you are not a monster.  You don’t want to cause more pain to an already harsh world.  Even if you do it, you don’t want to.

So don’t.  This time, don’t be the cause of the pain.  Don’t be what’s wrong with the world.  How can you claim to suffer if you are part of the problem.

Your life is important to people you can’t see.  That’s very much the fact.  If you are considering hurting them by destroying your life on Earth, please consider another immediate alternative.  Even if you don’t value your life, many do.

Suicide has way too many victims.  Don’t do it.

Have a heart.

Please call the number closest to you.



US & Canada

Suicide Prevention Hotline


United Kingdom

Samaritans – for everyone
116 123

Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) – for men

0800 58 58 58 – 5pm to midnight every day
Visit the webchat page

Papyrus – for people under 35

0800 068 41 41 – Monday to Friday 10am to 10pm, weekends 2pm to 10pm

Childline – for children and young people under 19

0800 1111 – the number won’t show up on your phone bill

The Silver Line – for older people

0800 4 70 80 90



Suicide Callback Service
1300 65 94 67

Lifeline Text
0477 13 11 14. (text)

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