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Hosted by Gail Moffat

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Gail Moffat is an International Medium where she is privileged enough to work with Spirit and convey messages of love from and to our loved ones in the Spirit World.  She also enjoys the psychic faculty and is able to give wonderful guidance to those people who are struggling with their lives.  As a teacher, Gail has mentored many people with success in their work.  However, about a year ago, the influence and guidance from the Spirit World radically changed where she was aware of several of her guides stepping forward, creating the most fascinating experiences, understanding and knowledge.


This was and is all done with such love and healing.  They said that her teachings and mediumship would bring people to a sense of peace in a time of turmoil in our world.  They also explained that Gail would show people how to move toward the light and truths of Spirit.  This felt incredibly right to her!  She knew that this was her path and was compelled to do this work.  Gail would love for you to experience the magnificence of her guides who aim to enhance and enlighten your life through the connection of her mediumship.  Jesusas a guide and healer, has a wonderful gentleness and is full of love which is expressed in His delivery of knowledge about life in our world and indeed the Spirit World.  He wishes to share His knowledge and continue the preaching that He did all of those years ago.  Mother Mary cares compassionately about children and is a humanitarian in our world and wishes to bring much healing to many.  She, also like her son, wishes to enhance the truth of life and bring a greater understanding to our world.  Saint Sabastian is Gail’s main healing guide and is astonishing in how he understands and has a personal insight into health issues.  Sabastian will often work with Gail’s knowledge of health and also brings forward a wonderful healing vibration.  St John the Baptist enthusiastically wishes to impart information about his understanding of life.  His work with Jesus is well documented but he wishes to create a deeper understanding of their lives at that time.  Osteria has a great spiritual understanding of humanity and gives wonderful advice, not only about what is going on in our world but also tries to help people see the bigger picture in life’s events, together with creating an understanding of what is true in the spirit world.  Arthur has been with Gail for many years and will assist those with troubled situations in their lives, enabling beautiful healing guidance. He will also give an understanding as to how to move forward spiritually and create an ability to connect to the Spirit World.  Angels and Arc Angels from the Angelic Realm will often come forward when people, the earth, or the animal kingdom need comfort, protection and healing.  They are always there for those that are in great need.  There is by no means an exhaustive supply of Gail’s guides.  There are many other interesting people from the Spirit World who choose to step forward but those listed are the main Guides that step forward with her work.  Gail is excited to help you and does this every Wednesday night at 8:30 PM (US Eastern time) (and we are proud she is) exclusively on A1R Psychic Radio & Moonstruck TV with her show “A Gateway to the Spirit World.”  Don’t miss your life changing experience!




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