Angel Guidance

Live from Kansas City, Missouri, USA

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Tuesday 4:00 pm 4:14 pm

Hosted by Lisa Short

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Lisa Short is a Soul Medium and Healer. Transitions and Transformations are her specialty! She teaches that Mindset and Energy are the 2 most important tools to create anything! She practices Reiki and Trance Healing, Evidential Mediumship, and Mentors clients in the areas of Energy and Manifesting, in person or remotely.

Lisa reads energy intuitively. What comes through in a healing session is often surprising yet meaningful to the client. In grief-related healing sessions, whether it be grief through loss of a loved one or because some part of the Soul is fragmented, Spirit always indicates exactly what needs to be healed. A lifelong reader of oracle cards, Lisa channels Spiritual guidance to help identify patterns and conditions to help people empower themselves; to shift their thinking and align with their Soul purpose. As an evidential medium, Lisa offers readings that provide evidence of eternal life and gives comfort during the grief process. When she connects with those in Spirit, they may give her memories of their life in the physical to share with their loved ones. They may acknowledge current events and share messages of healing. Lisa is a classic example of a wounded healer. She lived with anxiety and depression as a young adult and began studying the mind-body connection. Through her healing journey, she was guided in ways to follow her Soul purpose. Now, Lisa gives clients tools and techniques to move through life feeling grounded, empowered and connected to their higher selves, so that they can hear their internal guidance. She says, “I’ve got news for you, you’re guided every moment of your life. Our angels, guides and loved ones in Spirit walk with us. They speak to us through our memories that pop into our awareness when we need a lift, as the beautiful synchronicity timed to give you just what you need when you need it most, and through the amazing transformations that give you butterfly wings when you thought you were stuck. Never give up! Ask for guidance. It is always there.”


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