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Asteria was born in Athens, Greece and moved to California at the age of 7. Asteria is a highly intuitive psychic empath that can easilyconnect to others energy and emotions. Asteria was always fascinated with the metaphysical world. She always knew she was different as a child but never understood why or how she could so easily feel someones pain and also read their thoughts. She did not discover that it was an empathic gift until she was in her teens. Her Greek grandmother would read coffee cups and she was exposed to Tarot at a very young age.


She decided to study and use Tarot as a form of divination at the age of 18 when a professional Psychic she had encountered had told her that she had a gift and suggested that she expand her knowledge within Tarot. She is guided by spirit with whom she communicates withtelepathically. In addition she is shown images (people, places andobjects) She connects with spirit through meditation and connects tothe persons energy through photos. She repeats all messages that she receives from spirit. She believes messages from spirit are honest and are meant to be shared to positively help guide you on your life path.You are invited to tune into Asteria Vision each Thursday at10pm US EST/ 9pm US CST / 8pm US MST/ 7pm US PST for LIVE show on Earth’s #1 Psychic Radio Network A1R Psychic Radio.


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