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Bernice Bisson is a psychic, medium and astrologer in Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada. She has more than 30 years experience sharing her gift and is also a seasoned practitioner in numerology, tarot, palm, tea leaf, crystal grid and flame readings; and an avid paranormal researcher and spirit seeking event host.

She was just four years old when she first realized she might be a little different than other people. Bernice recalls knowing what adults were thinking, but she didn’t have a word for how she knew. Instead, living with her family in a small, deeply religious, town in rural Manitoba she began to think she must be “contrary”. But, in fact, those were the first stirrings of Bernice’s amazing gift. It didn’t take long before she began to understand she had been blessed with a special ability of clairvoyance and a profound connection with Spirit. Despite a lack of resources and people to call for advice, Bernice trusted her connection with God, signs from the natural world, and the serendipity of the Universe to guide her as she nurtured her skill. At age 11, she met an elderly grandmother who taught her to use her gift to read tea leaves and she never looked back. Even at that young age, Bernice says she knew she was a medicine woman and embarked on a life path of learning the various realms of metaphysical knowledge and energy work. Bernice has consistently used her gift to read for people who are searching for answers or who need to connect with loved ones who have passed. She trusts Spirit to guide her life and put her where she needs to be at any given moment. A turning point for Bernice begins in November 2005, Bernice was invited to meet Sathya Sai Baba, in a temple in Manitoba, where she received blessings from him. Since that experience, that trust and her gift have taken her around the world reading for people and messaging groups, even where she was invited by the Maharaj Puran Singh family descendants, to speak to 100,000 people at a temple in India about her vision; and to receive sacred teachings at the Nehklank Har Shabad Bhandar celebration in May 2014;. Aside from several media appearances, she also hosted radio shows on local, satellite and internet radio, sharing her gift with an international audience. But she hasn’t always read full time. B (as she’s known to many) also pursued a post-secondary education and, over 25 years, dedicated her work to serving women and children in crisis, community development, teaching in her faculty, and other related humanitarian work. While she had a tremendously fulfilling career in social services, after some time, Bernice’s heart began pulling her toward reading full time. Several years ago, she left her teaching and community work and opened her first metaphysical shop. Today, Bernice works from her studio in Winnipeg and continues to share her gift with clients all over the world and invites you to tune in and come experience a little soul medicine.


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