Creating An Inspired Life

Live from Lily Dale, New York, USA

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Thursday 8:30 pm 8:59 pm

Hosted by Colleen Vanderzyden

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Colleen Vanderzyden’s passion is helping people live an inspired, empowered and fulfilling life. In 2000 she channeled a message that changed her life. Within that message was the phrase, “Be who you are, for who you are is blessed.” This phrase helped her recognize she didn’t know who she was. With this awareness came a new path of self-discovery, and in the process, a realization that her life purpose was to help others be their best selves.


As she journeyed on her path she became an energy healer, a registered Lily Dale medium and a Spiritual Life Coach. Highly intuitive and spiritually connected, Colleen has the gift of helping people see the potential within themselves. Having embraced her own unique strengths and perspectives, she now helps her clients recognize their inner strengths and reclaim their power to transform their lives.

An engaging, energetic speaker and workshop leader, Colleen truly enjoys helping people get clarity on their lives and create positive change. Whether connecting to her clients in a reading or coaching session, she is positive, inspiring and uplifting. A professional violinist, Colleen is active in discovering the affects sound has on health.   Join her each Thursday for her weekly show Creating An Inspired Life at 8:30pm ET/7:30pm CT/6:30pm MT/5:30pm PT exclusively on A1R Psychic Radio!




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