Divine Guidance

Live from Saskatoon,Saskatchewan, Canada

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Wednesday 9:30 pm 9:59 pm

Hosted by Angele Tousignant

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Angele is a highly gifted, multi-talented intuitive, healer. Angele is a psychic medium who is in tune with her higher self.  She is a Reiki Master and is currently compiling courses for her online school.  Additionally, Angele is teaching beginner intuitives of multiple sorts needing guidance and support as they navigate and explore their own gifts. Angele is a fascinating, caring, dedicated human being and an excellent confidant.

She’s a psychic (reading your energy talking with your team for in site in to your life), a medium (contact with love ones on the other side), a certified life skills coach (guidance into your day to day life, intuitive guidance, crystal clear messages) and a Reiki Master (energy healing, guidance into energy healing, and your spiritual journey.)  She has many recommendations via books, crystals, and other intuitive healers, to help in ones spiritual journey or healing.  Tune in to her weekly show “Divine Guidance” each Wednesday at 9:30 PM (US Eastern) on A1R Psychic Radio and experience something amazing!


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