Dream Reality

Live from Rye, New York, USA

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Tuesday 2:30 pm 2:59 pm

Hosted by Mary Amy

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Mary Amy born an Empath, and raised in New York. She was always able to connect with anyone’s spiritual essence through her extra-sensory abilities. Mary has utilized her clairvoyant gifts as an intuitive and spiritual coach for five years. She receives images, symbols, divine messages, having visions and premonition dreams. Mary communicates with and senses those who have passed over.

She sees and hears from dark entities and clears away their negative presence attached to clients. Mary gives in-person sessions at her office in Rye, NY. Her private clients have ranged from GM’s, stay-at-home moms, lawyers, investment bankers, marketing executives, entrepreneurs, business professionals, musicians, and teachers. Ms. Amy is a Certified Wisdom Intuitive, Reiki Master, White Light Healer, and Ordained Minister- Order Of Melchizidek. She dedicates herself to healing positive outcomes for her clients. You will love her. Tune in each Tuesday afternoon at 2:30PM (US Eastern) for Mary’s weekly radio show “Dream Reality” – it’s must hear radio every week. Lift up your energy!


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