Energy Healer MaryAnna

Live from Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

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Thursday 8:00 pm 8:14 pm

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MaryAnna, an extraordinary Energy Reader, possesses a diverse range of psychic abilities that include being a psychic, evidential Medium, animal communicator, animal medium, and non-verbal communicator.

Residing in the enchanting Colorado Springs, Colorado area, she is a vibrant presence in the field. With a graduate education and a previous background in public affairs, writing, publishing, and editing, MaryAnna brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her work. Her dynamic personality and zest for life shine through, as she embraces every opportunity to live life to the fullest. Passionate about sharing her expertise, MaryAnna teaches all four modalities in her comprehensive course, “Energy Reader in You!”, which aims to empower individuals to tap into their own intuitive abilities. Additionally, she offers a standalone animal communication course, recognizing the deep emotional connection between humans and their cherished animal companions.

As an Army Veteran and an overall sassy pants, MaryAnna’s vibrant spirit infuses her teachings and interactions. She understands the profound grief experienced when we lose our pet-soul-mates, and she is here to provide answers and support on various topics, including animals, training techniques, and navigating the transitions of death. With several eBooks in progress and an upcoming “Energy Reader in You!” Course book, MaryAnna’s dedication to sharing knowledge knows no bounds. In her inaugural show, she brings her rebel style to the forefront, focusing primarily on animal communication. Through heartfelt conversations and insightful discussions, she aims to shed light on the underestimation of the grief one feels when losing a beloved pet-soul-mate. Tune in as MaryAnna answers your burning questions about animals, their training, navigating death transitions, and much more. With her unique blend of knowledge, compassion, and vivacity, she is here to guide and inspire you on your own journey of understanding and connection with the animal kingdom.


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