Evenings With Kimberly: The Comedian Medium

Live from Los Angeles, California, USA

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Thursday 8:30 pm 8:59 pm

Hosted by Kimberly Wagenmakers

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Kimberly Wagenmakers is a Psychic Medium Empath and Healer dedicated to restoring balance and harmony through her unique gifts. From a young age, Kimberly knew she possessed extraordinary abilities, hearing spirits, communicating with them, and healing both animals and humans. However, fear of judgment and rejection led her to hide these gifts, battling with her family and friends to maintain their love and acceptance.

Kimberly’s life took a tragic turn when she experienced sexual abuse and homelessness at the age of 12. Despite these hardships, her spirit guides protected her and kept her heart pure. It was the loss of her beloved son that propelled Kimberly on a spiritual journey, searching for answers and connection. Through her feline companion, she found solace and realized her son’s presence.

Seeking guidance, Kimberly studied under renowned medium Lisa Williams, aiming to become certified by 2021. Her practice revolves around working with White Light, avoiding encounters with negative energies or spirits. Kimberly’s compassion draws her to trauma victims, allowing her to provide sincere understanding and aid in their healing. Through her abilities, she has helped many people find peace and recover from heartbreak. Kimberly believes that the spirit realm resonates with peaceful vibrations, offering profound insights and connections.


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