Insights Into Consciousness

Live from San Luis Obispo, California, USA

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Tuesday 4:30 pm 4:59 pm

Hosted by Anna Olsen

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Anna Olsen begin having initially unexplained experiences as early as just seven years old, when she had visions of the death of her best friend before he was hit by a car and killed. She has since had 3 near death experiences, foresaw the death of her father through dreams at age 14, foresaw future events such as the 9/11 attacks, and has received numerous other warnings of natural disasters and accidents.


She regularly receives messages from Spirit to receive information regarding deaths, Spirit progression and current soul state, and has worked forensically to clarify personal loss and provide validation for those left behind after murders and other crimes. Anna also receives messages regarding health and emotional setbacks and provides detailed information on how to move forward and heal. Anna believes strongly in fact-based evidence and relies solely on repeatedly confirmed answers before expressing them to numerous witnesses of her gifts. Join her now as she hosts her amazing weekly show on the international airwaves, “Insights Into Consciousness,” right here on A1R Psychic Radio.  Her perspective will help you listen to your inner thought and discover your inner-power.  Don’t miss even one show!



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