Jacquelene Close Moore Live

Live from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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Thursday 8:00 pm 8:14 pm

Hosted by Jacquelene Close Moore

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Jacquelene Close-Moore is an Australian based multi-award winning, sixth generation psychic, medium, empath, healer, published artist and author, she and her special guests bring you a range of tips, exercises, specialties and topics to help you find peace, empowerment, personal and spiritual transformation and growth.

Jacquelene had a near death experience as a child which she still recalls today, which amplified her senses and reminded her of her spiritual mission, gifts, and responsibilities in this life. She has an enviable past international corporate background but also a strong connection to spirit and nature since childhood. Since 1995, Jacquelene has completed over 15,000 professional readings for clients from 80 countries around the world, and taught a variety of metaphysical topics and mentored many emerging psychic professionals. Jacquelene is also has extensive experience performing for some of Australia’s most prestigious companies, events, and media outlets, across radio, tv, public expos, and print media, and has written for numerous magazines many of them cover stories.


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