Jordie Janes Psychic Medium

Live from Wallan, Victoria, Australia

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Wednesday 8:00 pm 8:14 pm

Hosted by Jordie Janes

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Jordie lives in rural Victoria and has been working as a professional Psychic Medium and Spiritual Healer for 6 years and teaching all aspects of Psychic and Mediumship for the last 3 years with students from all around Australia.

Jordie is a passionate and caring Medium who loves connecting with your loved ones and providing you with evidence that they are not to far away. With Jordie’s psychic readings she connects with your energy to give you clarity whats going on around you. The Tarot or Oracle cards may be used at the end of the reading to confirm and clarify what has come up in the reading. Jordie has trained with Lisa Williams, Lyn Probert, Tony Stockwell, Paul Jacobs to hone her skills.


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