Lisa Morris Psychic Medium

Live from Tamworth, England, UK

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Tuesday 3:30 pm 3:59 pm

Hosted by Lisa Morris

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Lisa Morris has had the gift of being a psychic and spiritual healer from the UK since birth. She has been using her gift to help others onto the paths for 13 years. She helps them by passing loving messages on from their loved ones in spirit. Lisa has a great following, that she is very proud of and very honoured to have been chosen.


Lisa hosts psychic nights where she passes messages on to the audience, and takes everyone on a beautiful journey. First, where they get to meet a loved one again, this particular journey is what makes me unique.. She loves being a psychic medium and loves meeting different people in all capacity.

Tune into Lisa Morris Psychic Medium Show each Tuesday for her weekly show on Earth’s #1 Psychic Radio Network A1R Psychic Radio – Featured weekly show on Moonstruck TV LIVE Show times 3:30pm US EST/ 2:30pm US CST / 1:30pm US MST/ 12:30pm US PST 8:30pm UK & Ireleand tune in for LIVE readings on the air! You will love Lisa!



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