Love And Light

Live from Vernon, British Columbia, Canada

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Wednesday 9:30 pm 9:59 pm

Hosted by Sarah Manning

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Sarah Manning is an energetic, fun loving Spiritual Medium that loves to connect people to Spirit. She grew up in a household that taught her to be afraid of what was happening around her as well as shame. She dealt with panic and anxiety in secret, because she was so afraid of something being wrong with her, or that she was a bad person. Finally when she turned 30, she made a life changing connection to another medium, that showed her there was truly nothing wrong with her.


Rather, there was something unique and amazing within Sarah’s very being. Since that time, she hasn’t looked back and has embraced her truths with excitement. Sarah has connected clients from around the world not only to loved ones passed, but also to personal guides to give life changing messages. She loves seeing and hearing people’s hearts heal in the short amount of time she spends with them. It is something that she would never change. Sarah also teaches other to embrace their own abilities, intuition and connection to Spirit, as she doesn’t want anyone to suffer the way she did for so long. There is freedom in being okay with who you are. Sarah will be live every Wednesday evening at 9:30 pm EST on A1R Psychic Radio and Moonstruck TV! She cannot wait to meet you and connect you with your own messages from Spirit.




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