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Hosted by Mystic Saira

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Mystic Saira is an International Psychic Medium based in the UK with over 30 years professional experience. Saira works for Sky TV in the UK and has appeared on ITV as well as “Chat it’s Fate” magazine and “Fate and Fortune” magazine. From an early age, Saira has been aware of her strong psychic abilities and was regularly visited by spirits every night until she was able to gain some control over her gift.


Saira’s journey into the professional psychic arena started at the tender age of 17 and has grown from strength to strength ever since. Saira has developed her mediumship abilities and considers it a great honour to connect people to their loved ones. Saira is known as “The Soul Mate Psychic” in the UK and specializes in working in the area of soul mates and twin flames. She has a particular interest in relationships and uniting twin flames. She is also an accomplished Akashic Record Reader where she can access your soul’s pathway and give guidance on your life’s purpose and soul lessons, as well as past life information. Saira has been privileged to read for celebrities and established people in the media industry, as well as members of the general public and runs her own busy practice in the UK. Saira is a “starseed” and works with helping other starseeds who are awakening to their unique abilities, helping them to understand their unique mission. Saira has been aware of her “starseed” connection from the age of 4. Saira works with a vast array of higher dimensional beings and guides to give you the best possible insight at this point in time and delivers this insight with true compassion. Saira is also a spiritual development teacher and runs courses in psychic development, tarot, runes, law of attraction, Akashic Records, Reiki and Sei-Chem. Saira is also an Egyptian Cartouche Master/Teacher. Saira is delighted to be back on A1R Psychic Radio and feels blessed to share her gift with you. Tune in to A1R Psychic Radio every Tuesday at 4:30pm EST for a show that will awaken you!




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