Mystical Adventures

Live from Essex, Connecticut, USA

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Tuesday 4:00 pm 4:29 pm

Hosted by Anne Vivian

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Anne has been working with her dreams and intuition since she was a teenager, when she first started keeping a dream journal and exploring the Tarot. She is clairvoyant, clairaudient, and also has empathic and mediumship abilities.

Anne is also an artist, and combines her artistic and psychic skills to create Intuitive Art portals, doorways to specific healing energies from Higher Consciousness. She specializes in such areas as dreams (for healing, astral travel, psychic development, and more!), connecting with Angelic realms, intuitive healing modalities, and using creativity for healing and spiritual development. Join Anne each week as she guides you on a mystical adventure into these realms for healing, inspiration, and empowerment!


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