Mystical Moments

Live from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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Wednesday 10:00 pm 10:14 pm

Hosted by Mel Fleming

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Melissa Fleming ("Mel") is an Earth Angel/Lightworker. She is based in Brisbane, Australia and is the mother of 4 gorgeous children.

Mel’s been using her gifts since the age of 2 and is now following her life path as designed. She’s a psychic/medium and receives messages in many many forms. She does readings and healings for people all across the world via message, telephone and video call; as well as in person. Her life path is to help heal those that are unable to do so themselves and to give guidance to all. Mel is an ambivert; an introverted/extrovert (what she likes to call a constant walking contradiction.) She finds people feel compelled to talk to her about ANYTHING and is so happy they can find that in someone. We all need someone to listen and not judge. Mel is the friend you come to for a “real” answer. She does not sugar coat things to make you feel better. Count on Mel to tell you how it is. Tune in to Mel’s weekly radio/video show “Mystical Moments” each week. You’ll be hooked from the first experience!


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