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Oracle Pink am a natural born psychic, with the ability to read people’s energy and sense nearby spirits. She first realized her abilities in early childhood during a traumatic experience in a car accident.

And while she’s known about this for over 30 years now, her psychic abilities and predictions have only recently kicked in to high gear, becoming more focused and laser accurate, after she found her Twin Flame union with Christopher Lee Garces. He has helped her awaken the full potential of her spiritual path and has opened Oracle’s eyes to see her true gifts in a whole new light. Oracle Pink’s abilities are not the fantasy powers of Marvel movies, but are indeed proven real. Her clients have witnessed and can attest that she is an Empathic, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, & Clairalient Psychic Medium. While she doesn’t need Tarot Cards to use her abilities, they are useful for rounding out an in-depth reading. Also, she finds that clients enjoy the visual ritual of a Tarot spread, especially when she uses her vintage deck, handed down to her, over 26 years ago. Being a Medium means sensing the energy of pets, past or present, as well as former and current humans, and identifying which category the humans land in, Love partner, Soul Mate, or Twin Flame. Oracle Pink’s empathic ability allows her to pinpoint a subject’s true feelings and motivations, which is a perfect fit for relationship counseling, as well as, helping guide business professionals through important career decisions, changes and improvements. She gives them insight on what to watch out for and is quite descriptive and detailed. No vague fortune cookies here. Her Clairvoyance answers your questions regarding Past, Present or Future, pertaining to Relationships, Career, Health, Children, and Family – really anything going on in your life. Using Clairaudience – hearing her clients voice – greatly enhances her ability to fully communicate with their passed loved ones and spirit guides – even departed pets. Compare it to the jump from a 2D drawing to a 3D movie! Oracle’s readings are very specific and she often sees objects and details about loved ones, such as hair color, clothing style and demeanor, even catching the scent of their favorite Perfume, Cigars, & Cigarettes – using the ability of Clairalience – which can not be controlled or initiated. Receiving a reading like this is rare and wonderful! Join her each week on A1R Psychic Radio for The Oracle Pink Show. You will love her!


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