Persian Medium I Am Power

Live from Los Angeles, California, USA

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Wednesday 10:00 pm 10:29 pm

Hosted by Fia Johansson

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Fia Johansson found out about her gift when she was only 7 years old. Over the years she learned more and more about her abilities and had many similar experiences, learning to trust them more and more. She moved to Europe and decided to raise awareness and develop her abilities and learn more about her gifts. She studied many books and attended many Masters Seminars in the UK, Germany, Norway, Netherlands, and New York.


She came across a few other experienced mediums and learned about the awesome powers and responsibility of a psychic medium. Her Master Mediums were impressed by her abilities. Fia was asked to participate in a local European TV show similar to America Psychic Challenge. She won the first prize beating her master in the challenge. Fia was the only person who could accurately identify and locate a person who was buried alive with time running out, or one who was hidden in a trunk of car in a parking lot full of cars.

Fia can help you find out what is holding you back and unravel the true you with all the potential gifted to you. Knowledge is power. Fia is now on AvidAdvice! Tune in each Wednesday at 10:00pm East/7:00pm West (US) for your weekly dose of knowledge and true self-empowerment. Fia always keeps it fun and truly amazing!




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