Psychic Medium Linda

Live from Melbourne, New South Wales, Australia

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Thursday 9:15 pm 9:29 pm

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Clairsentient, Claircognisance, Psychic, Tarot, Mediumship Linda’s psychic abilities enable her to tap into a wellspring of wisdom and knowledge specific to your personal circumstances to provide clarity and guidance. Linda does this by tuning into your energy field which enables her to connect with your physical, emotional and spiritual domains in order to offer advice on how best to work through events as they unfold.

She is able to connect with loved ones around you and in spirit as well. Linda is an international psychic and also specializes in tarot, reiki healing and meditative practices. Her love of helping people has taken her to the U.K. as well as work in USA as a professional Psychic. She believes each person has the ability and power within to heal, create and manifest their own reality. Linda’s goal is for you to walk away feeling empowered, uplifted, motivated and inspired to enhance your life and soul purpose. Linda uses her psychic abilities to guide you in all aspects of your relationships, love, career, finances and money. Linda’s style is compassionate, direct and clear.


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