Ray Path Productions

Live from Loughrea, County Galway, Ireland

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Tuesday 5:30 pm 5:59 pm

Hosted by Chloe Folan

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Chloe Folan's clairvoyant sight started out with her being able to view the layers of the aura and various color vibrations present due to the physical, emotional and mental state of the person she was viewing. She could also see aspects of the elemental and devic planes. Spurred on by curiosity over the various light emanations and energetic phenomena she could see, this started her on the path of self discovery, study and private development. This started in earnest at age 13, when she was better able to mentally comprehend and understand the books she needed and wanted, to further her understanding of her organic abilities.

A love of art work filled the gap until this age and allowed Chloe to safely explore what she was seeing and experiencing through painting, drawing and arts and crafts. After nearly two decades of private self study and development with various meditations and metaphysical techniques, this gave Chloe the confidence to start more publicly utilizing her abilities and knowledge. Chloe pursued becoming a qualified teacher with the Diana Cooper Foundation in Ireland. She is a qualified facilitator in holding the Golden Atlantis and Lemurian Planetary Healing Workshops on behalf of the school. She is also a qualified crystal healer and IET (integrated energy therapy) practitioner. She also gives angel card and tarot card readings. The Rainbow Bridge techniques (the Soul Star Clearing Techniques) have been the most effective self healing techniques that Chloe has ever come across. She still on a daily basis uses these techniques herself for her own continued growth, development, healing and clearing work. She found that the Rainbow Bridge Techniques helped to heal and clear her clairvoyant inner vision to a extraordinary level. Chloe regularly gives clairvoyant progress readings to other rainbow bridge practitioners nationally and internationally, as well as esoteric aura readings to those who do not use this technique.


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