Sacred Sessions with Jenna

Live from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

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Tuesday 5:30 pm 5:44 pm

Hosted by Jenna Harman

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Jenna Harman currently lives in Sydney, Australia with her large family. For as long as she can recall, she has always had a natural ability to connect to her intuition.

Her father’s family were Celtic.  Since childhood, Jenna has always had dreams, visions or thoughts about people that she couldn’t explain; but she just knew were true.  She is a Psychic Medium; meaning she can communicate with those that are now in Spirit World.  All residents of heaven, including our animal loved ones/family.  She is very fortunate to have a gorgeous Family Team in Spirit who support her like no other.  She is continually grateful to them for the love and support they give her.  Her mediumship gift was awakened the night her father passed when she was a child.  Since then, Heaven is a thought away.  She likes to explain her ability like this:  “I am the phone. You are on one end waiting for your loved ones to answer the call.  I am the tool used to connect you both.”  Jenna’s goal is to be of service to all.  She hopes to do this through different healing modalities.  She also aspires to help all heal & awaken, all to their true potential.  Jenna wants each session to bring healing, love and encouragement …to step forward now empowered to go get the life you desire & deserve.


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