Sensing Spirituality

Live from West Sussex, England, UK

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Tuesday 3:30 pm 3:59 pm

Hosted by Iain Mason

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Iain Mason is a spiritual medium, way guide, well-living creator, energy healer, motivational speaker and spiritual mentor. His work is offered nationally and internationally in person and via social media, Facetime, Messenger, Skype, Zoom, telephone and email. As a spiritual medium, he demonstrates mediumship at spiritualist churches and centres, private and public events, psychic and holistic events, charity and fundraising events and he also carries out private 1-2-1 readings. His passion, his purpose is to guide you back to your self, to get you on your path understanding who you are and why you are here.

If you’re stuck and life isn’t working out, Iain will help you awaken and navigate your way using your own inner compass to align and connect with your own spirituality and to live well by well-living. As a way guide, he is able to help you understand why life is how it is for you now, how you’ve learned to be who you think you are and how to shift that perception and weave what you truly feel with what your soul desires to manifest that which will sustain you. Once you’re in harmony with your self you will see your vision and understand how you are being pulled to it. As a well-living creator, Iain adds a whole new perspective on how changing your thoughts and releasing limited beliefs unlock your potential to your infinite possibility. With a combination of attitudinal healing and different philosophical thinking you will become aware of what no longer suits you and learn to have faith to make changes for what feels right for you and feel good about it. You will be aware of how well you feel in all that you are becoming, enjoying it and learning to love you. When you give love you receive love, it’s an essential message to digest.


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