Spirit Phoenix Rising Show

Live from Los Angeles, California, USA

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Thursday 11:30 pm 11:59 pm

Hosted by Renee Lynn

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Renee Lynn has been healing hearts and minds since she was quite young. Discovering her spirit guides as a child, she has always been drawn to the paranormal and unexplained.

She became entranced in the spiritualist movement while still in elementary school and discovered the wellness channeling sessions of Edgar Cayce while in high school. In her teens, she found she could create and direct healing energy with her hands and could pick up on others hidden emotions. Renee holds a masters in Transpersonal Psychology and Consciousness Studies with incredible mentors and professors, everyone from Joseph Campbell’s assistant to quantum physicists. Using her my gifts to read the Tarot and also serves as a Sound Healer and Reiki Master, providing distant energy healing for those who seek it. Renee teaches yoga, meditation and does archetypal card readings and spiritually based life coaching and mentoring for listeners and clients who crave understanding and clarity on their personal and professional paths.


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