The Cowtown Medium

Live from Ft. Worth, Texas, USA

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Wednesday 8:45 pm 8:59 pm

Hosted by Kathleen Heart

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Kathleen Heart (The Cowtown Medium) is a talented and accomplished Psychic, Medium and Healer.

Her background in the spiritual arts spans back to her childhood. Knowing that there was “something more” led her to studying psychic development, mediumship, channeling and energy healing. Kathleen is a Master Healer and has been gifted an energy healing modality that combines all of her training. Her modality called Crystal Skull Healing is a powerful energy healing framework that targets very specific ailments, trauma and blockages that people encounter in their lives. By allowing her Guides to speak to her through her “Team” of Crystal Skulls, Kathleen is able to target and pinpoint those aspects that need healing. Crystal Skull healing is not a “one and go” healing session. Since the process is so in depth the healing aspects of the modality can last for weeks and in some cases months. Some individuals need more focused attention and therefore require more attunements from the Crystal Skull team. As a medium, Kathleen helps to connect her clients to loved ones that have crossed; including pets. Her heart is as big as Texas and her loving compassion comes through in all her sessions and sets people’s mind at ease when conveying messages from loved ones who are on the other side.


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