The Third Wish

Live from San Francisco, California, USA

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Thursday 10:00 pm 10:29 pm

Hosted by Arnaud

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Arnaud was born with psychic abilities. The moment he knew that he had a gift was when he saw his grandmother passing the day before she crossed to the other side, when he was a teenager. Arnaud started to learn the Tarot and performed readings.

In his thirties, he learnt the Lenomand Oracle and uses the Oracle as his primary tool for readings. Arnaud was opening up to mediumship and started to connect with spirit. He also decided to learn and practice manifestations and using the Law of Attraction. More often than not, a reading becomes a diagnostic for some work to manifest “the third wish”. His clients include all types of people. From celebrities to every day people looking to improve their lives. Arnaud has performed thousands of readings over the years, mostly directly with clients or as an invited guest for events. Arnaud was the official psychic at Hotel Triton in San Francisco. His belief system is multiple. He was born with a catholic background and also believe that spirits who crossed over are still with us. He is a believer in the Law of attraction. Arnaud’s guides and spirits are deeply rooted in Water Magic, like the ocean, the rivers, the lakes. He particularly rely on Sulis, a British goddess to help him when he reads. The Third Wish with Arnaud LIVE each Thursday 10pm US EST/ 9pm CST/ 8pm MST/ 7pm CST on Earth’s #1 Psychic Radio Network – A1R Psychic Radio & Featured on Moonstruck TV tune in!


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