Wendy McCallum Show

Live from Surrey, England, UK

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Tuesday 2:30 pm 2:44 pm

Hosted by Wendy McCallum

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Wendy McCallum is a very humble naturally gifted psychic, medium and spiritual energy artist.

She has helped thousands of people over her career with her intuition and messages from the spirit world helping people find comfort, peace and also helping find their purpose by empowering them to help themselves to make positive change in their lives. Wendy is very compassionate and passionate about her work, about honesty and integrity and recently having had a near death experience has been made aware of the importance of sound, sound healing, frequency and the power of the mind. Wendy is originally from Scotland, living in surrey has worked professionally for over 15 yrs intuitive healer, teacher, mentor and holistic therapist, having trained with many world renowned psychic mediums and still continues to develop. Wendy wrote a psychic agony aunt column for several years receiving letters worldwide and has appeared in several magazines chat its fate, take a break fate & fortune, psychic news. Wendy’s spiritual and crystal infused art came from a traumatic situation and is channeled with angelic and higher vibrational frequencies. Wendy embraces the ancient modalities of chromotherapy (colour) and crystals so that each piece of art is unique and can be used to bring physical, spiritual and mental balance with natural healing energies which can cleanse and uplift. Wendy’s work is used for raising your vibration, manifesting, inner transformation, remote healing and meditation.


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