What Does Fido Want?

Live from Greenville, South Carolina, USA

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Thursday 8:15 pm 8:29 pm

Hosted by Julie Jeanne Bassett

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Julie is a Animal Communicator, Pet Behavioral Specialist Energy Healing Practitioner/Intuitive Guide/Multidimensional Medium.

Our companion animals are intelligent sentient beings that are here to help us. They are our teachers, healers, guardians, mirrors, catalysts and bridges, but we must listen to what they are trying to tell us. Julie has had many animals over the years and loved them all dearly. However, occasionally, one would display some bad behavior, trying to get her attention. After many trips to the vet, hours of research, consulting others, including trainers and other people with similar issues, she was exasperated. That is when she just listened… and her companion animals would speak to her. Now, Julie is a trained animal communicator and energy healer and uses both to help frustrated and exhausted pet parents move from stressed to calm as she opens lines of communication between you and your animal companion, restoring peace and harmony in the home.


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