Zsuzsanna Medium

Live from Newark-on-Trent, England, United Kingdom

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Tuesday 2:45 pm 2:59 pm

Hosted by Zsuzsanna Hörcsög

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Zsuzsanna is a talented and well-respected international psychic medium who empowers her clients to live a balanced and purposeful life with deep and insightful spiritual coaching and healing messages channelled from Spirit.

She tunes in with energy easily and brings for-ward clear spiritual guidance from the higher realms to assist you in times of change and to fulfil your soul purpose. Zsuzsanna is a Seer, an Usui Reiki Master & Teacher, an Intuitive Coach and a music therapist. As a third-generation psychic medium, she naturally uses all her ‘clair’ senses. Originally from Hungary, she lives in UK where she runs her spiritual practice. Zsuzsanna is available for private/group readings and coaching consultation, as well as facilitating workshops on psychic and intuitive development. She is passionate about trance work and is currently compiling her channelled material in the ‘Spirit says…’ series. Get in touch with her today if you feel challenged to realise your potential and purpose in life or if you need a direct, energetic and honest approach to start moving forward again in life. She is humbled and feels privileged to be in service to bring forward personal messages and healing from your soul/spirit family.


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