The Mini Medium

Live from Salt Lake City, UT, USA

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Wednesday 8:00 pm 8:29 pm

Hosted by Stephanie Cowan

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Stephanie Cowan has had the ability to see, hear and feel spirit since the age of 7.

Until the age of 21, she didn’t really understand the magnitude of her abilities. After being diagnosed with some health issues, Stephanie decided to visit a psychic/medium for some advice and insight. During their session, she was told that she was given the “gifts” of connecting with the souls of those in the spiritual world and in addition, the visions and senses for future and past events/situations. Soon after this session, she felt the strong need to help others and began her journey of learning more and opening herself to the divine. It really wasn’t until March 2020 (beginning of pandemic), that Stephanie decided to share her abilities with the world. She felt that, more than ever, the world needed help, hope and healing. She feels very blessed that providing readings is her purpose during this lifetime. Stephanie will do everything she can to fulfill her purpose and to share her abilities to as many who will allow her to. Tune in each Wednesday night for her show, “the Mini Medium,” here on A1R Psychic Radio & Moonstruck TV. You will absolutely love her!


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